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Shenzhen Feller Magnets Corporation has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of “Developing innovation, Excellent quality, Continuous improvement, Customer satisfaction”, and work together with all staff to create a more competitive and cohesive advanced enterprise.

Core concept: Team work, Excellence, Customer First, Continuous Improvement.

Team work:the various departments collaborate with each other to jointly participate in improvement, strengthening quality management, play a team spirit.

Excellence:a professional approach to strengthen the training, innovation, improve the quality to a higher level.

Customer-oriented:customer first, sincere services to meet customer needs and expectations, and serve customers deal with the problem, creating an attractive product for customers.

So that customers satisfied with our quality, delivery satisfaction, service satisfaction.

Continuous improvement: all departments use the statistics, collation and analysis of the development of improvement measures, the company and employees work together to achieve development goals.

Core values:faith, justice, righteousness Road!

Mission: innovation! So that each employee to lead a life of dignity!

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